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DevPower Web Color ActiveX Control Version 1.5.0 (13-Oct-99)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2019 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

DevPower WebColor ActiveX Control

The WebColor ActiveX Control allows you to access the system colors defined by a user in control panel and convert these into HTML color codes for nicer looking forms, tables, etc. Also, the facility to convert HTML color codes to RGB values is provided, which is useful for setting ActiveX control colors.

Quoted from ACTIVEX.COM DISPATCH, March 24, 1998...
"Customizing the look and feel of Windows is a piece of cake. Want your app to have pink title bars with beige scroll bars? You got it. What makes it all so easy is Visual Basic, which automatically queries the operating system to get information on appearance. But customizing Windows gets a lot trickier when it comes to Web apps--that is, unless you have DEVPOWER WEBCOLOR. This control takes the hassle out of retrieving from Windows the values you've set for the title bars, windows, menus, and other user-interface elements in your Web application. As an added bonus, the control can also convert the hexadecimal color values used by Windows into a format suitable for HTML."

You are permitted to use the WebColor ActiveX Control as well as distribute the .OCX and associated files with your application royalty-free, provided you do not alter the .OCX file or take personal credit for the control.
Please see the DevPower Copyright Information for more details.

The control was written using Visual Basic 6.0 (Service Pack 3), which requires certain runtime libraries to be installed. These libraries will be automatically installed by Internet Explorer or can be installed from the Runtime Download page.