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DevPower Web Color ActiveX Control Version 1.5.0 (13-Oct-99)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2018 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.



  • DefaultColor OLE_COLOR (Long)
    Sets the default color to return if the arguments to a method are invalid.


  • AboutBox ( )
    Displays copyright and version information for the control.
  • GetComputerName ( ) returns String
    Returns the computer name.
  • GetNamedSysColor ( String sColorName ) returns Long
    Returns the RGB value for a named Colour set in control panel. Valid arguments (these aren't case sensitive) are:
    • border, actborder, activeborder, color_activeborder
    • titlebar, activetitlebar, caption, activecaption, color_activecaption
    • app, appworkspace, color_appworkspace, mdi, applicationworkspace
    • bg, background, desktop, color_background, color_desktop, windowbackground
    • 3d, button, btnface, color_btnface, color_3dface, 3dface
    • 3ddkshadow, dkshadow, color_3ddkshadow
    • 3dlight, light, color_3dlight
    • btnhilight, btnhighlight, color_btnhighlight, color_3dhighlight, color_3dhilight, color_btnhilight, 3dhighlight
    • text, btntext, 3dtext, color_btntext
    • shadow, btnshadow, color_btnshadow, color_3dshadow, 3dshadow
    • titlebartext, captiontext, color_captiontext
    • titlebargradient, activetitlebargradient, captiongradient, gradientactivecaption, color_gradientactivecaption (Windows 98 / NT5.0 only)
    • inactivetitlebargradient, inactivecaptiongradient, gradientinactivecaption, color_gradientinactivecaption (Windows 98 / NT5.0 only)
    • grayed, disabled, disabledtext, graytext, color_graytext
    • special, highlight, color_highlight
    • specialtext, highlighttext, color_highlighttext
    • hotlight, color_hotlight (Windows 98 / NT5.0 only)
    • inactiveborder, color_inactiveborder
    • inactivetitlebar, inactivecaption, color_inactivecaption
    • inactivetitlebartext, inactivecaptiontext, color_inactivecaptiontext
    • infotext, tooltiptext, color_infotext
    • infobk, tooltip, tooltipbk, color_infobk
    • mnu, menu, color_menu
    • mnutext, menutext, color_menutext
    • scroll, scrollbar, color_scrollbar
    • wnd, window, color_window
    • wndframe, wndframe, windowframe, color_windowframe
    • wndtext, wndtext, windowtext, color_windowtext
  • GetScreenHeight ( ) returns Long
    Returns the screen height.
  • GetScreenWidth ( ) returns Long
    Returns the screen width.
  • GetSysColor ( Long ColorIndex ) returns Long
    Returns the RGB value for a Colour set in control panel using either the Windows API color index or VB System Color constants.
  • GetUserName ( ) returns String
    Returns the user name.
  • HTMLToRGB ( String sColour ) returns Long
    Returns the RGB color for an HTML Color code - e.g. HTML of "#FF0000" returns 256.
  • HTMLToRGBValues ( String sColour, ByRef Integer iRed, ByRef Integer iGreen, ByRef Integer iBlue ) returns Long
    Returns the RGB color codes for an HTML Color code - e.g. HTML of "#FF0000" returns 256, 0, 0.
  • RGBToHTML ( Long lColour ) returns String
    Returns the HTML Color code for an RGB color value - e.g. RGB of 256 returns #FF0000
  • RGBValuesToHTML ( Integer iRed, Integer iGreen, Integer iBlue ) returns String
    Returns the HTML Color code for the individual Red, Green and Blue values
  • SetDocBGColor ( Long lColour ) returns String
    Adjusts the background color of a web page to the specified colour (providing the hosting web browser supports this).
  • Version ( ) String
    Returns the Control Version.


  • None