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DevPower Transparent Image ActiveX Control Version 2.9.1 (18-Jan-99)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2019 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

DevPower Transparent Image ActiveX Control The Transparent Image ActiveX Control lets you place a bitmaps, icons, jpegs, gifs and metafiles onto a window with a transparent background - a feature that is sadly lacking from many development environments. The transparency acts in two ways; masking out a specific color to the background color and optionally allowing controls behind the image to be seen through the masked area. The control also features scaling of the image, tool tips, properties for downloading the image and cursor from a web server and the option to flip and mirror the image displayed.

Quoted from ACTIVEX.COM DISPATCH, February 24, 1997...
"Frustrated by the inability to create transparent images for your VB forms? The DEVPOWER TRANSIMG control will add a picture box control that displays images in the GIF, JPEG, and BMP formats. In addition, the control lets you assign a bitmap to the control in two ways: by using a conventional file name (via the Picture property) or by referencing it from the Net (through the URLPicture property)."

You are permitted to use the Transparent Image ActiveX Control as well as distribute the .OCX and associated files with your application royalty-free, provided you do not alter the .OCX file or take personal credit for the control.
Please see the DevPower Copyright Information for more details.

The control was written using Visual Basic 6.0 (Service Pack 3), which requires certain runtime libraries to be installed. These libraries will be automatically installed by Internet Explorer or can be installed from the Runtime Download page.