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DevPower NewsTicker ActiveX Control Version 2.1.0 (30-Dec-99)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2018 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.


General Notes

  • Picture Types
    The TransImg control can display bitmaps, icons, metafiles, JPEGs, and GIF files.

  • Picture Locations
    The URLPicture property will accept file locations, such as
    C:\Windows\SetUp.bmp or URLs to files on a web server such as

  • Picture Property
    Important: Because of incorrect property handling by certain development environments (PowerBuilder and maybe others), the use of the Picture property is not recommended. Instead, use the URLPicture to specify a file location.


  • AllowClickWithMove Boolean
    Sets whether items can be clicked whilst they are scrolling.
  • BackColor OLE_COLOR (Long)
    Sets the background color.
  • Caption String
    Sets the list of item captions / URLs - a set of strings separated by the Divider character(s) (the divider defaults to a semi-colon). Within each Item, a caption and URL are separated by the URLDivider character(s) (defaults to "="). Example:
    New Version of NewsTicker released=http://newsticker.devpower.com;Flat Button source code available!=http://flatbutton.devpower.com;
  • CaptionURL String
    Alternative to Caption - specifies a file location / URL for a text file that contains the item captions.
  • ClickColor OLE_COLOR (Long)
    Sets the color to display items that have been clicked with.
  • Direction Integer
    Sets which direction the control scrolls items;
    0 Vertical (default).
    1 Horizontal.
  • Divider String
    Sets the character(s) that divides the list of item captions (defaults to a ";").
  • Font OleFont
    Sets the font for the caption.
  • HighlightColor OLE_COLOR (Long)
    Sets the color with which to display items when the mouse is over them.
  • HoverBold Boolean
    Sets whether items are displayed in bold when the mouse is over them.
  • HoverUnderline Boolean
    Sets whether items are displayed underlined when the mouse is over them.
  • MouseIcon OleObject
    Sets the cursor to display when the mouse is over an item.
  • MousePointer Integer
    Sets one of the standard windows cursors to be displayed when the mouse is over an item (as with Visual Basic Controls);
    1 Arrow.
    2 Cross (crosshair pointer).
    3 I beam.
    4 Icon (small square within a square).
    5 Size (four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east, and west).
    6 Size NE SW (double arrow pointing northeast and southwest).
    7 Size N S (double arrow pointing north and south).
    8 Size NW SE (double arrow pointing northwest and southeast).
    9 Size W E (double arrow pointing west and east).
    10 Up Arrow.
    11 Hourglass (wait).
    12 No Drop.
    13 Arrow and hourglass.
    14 Arrow and question mark.
    15 Size all.
    99 Custom icon specified by the MouseIcon
  • PauseDelay Long
    Sets the time (in milliseconds) to pause scrolling items for reading - defaults to 1000 (1 second).
  • Picture OleObject
    Sets the bitmap / jpeg / gif / icon to display as a background for the control (also see PictureURL).
  • Play Boolean
    Sets whether the control should scroll items.
  • PictureURL String
    An alternative to the Picture property - sets a URL for downloading a bitmap / icon to display.
  • ScrollDelay Long
    Sets the time (in milliseconds) to wait between moving items - defaults to 100 (1/10th second).
  • TextColor OLE_COLOR (Long)
    Sets the color of the item text.
  • URLDivider String
    Sets the character(s) that divides the item caption from its URL (defaults to a "=").


  • AboutBox ( )
    Displays copyright and version information for the control.
  • ReloadCaption ( )
    Forces the control to re-download the current Caption file.
  • Version( ) String
    Returns the Control Version.


  • AllItemsShowed ()
    Triggered when all items within the caption have been displayed (This is useful to know when to call ReloadCaption())
  • Click ( Integer iItemNumber, String sItem, String sItemURL )
    Triggered when the an item has been clicked.
  • ItemScrollStart ( Integer iItemNumber )
    Triggered before an item starts to scroll.
  • ItemScrollEnd ( Integer iItemNumber )
    Triggered when an item scrolls off of the control.