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Welcome to the DevPower Solutions web site, providing tools for Windows and web developers. Full online documentation and examples are provided with all components and tools. Please read the brief copyright notice before downloading from this site.

Encryption .Net wins 2003 Reader's Choice Awards for the Security & Copy Protection category in Visual Studio Magazine.
Button Bar .NET 1.2.0 released.
FTP .NET 1.2.0 released.
.Net Components
Button Bar .NET
Button Bar .NET lets you easily build a modern user interface as used in Microsoft Outlook using native .NET code.
FTP .NET makes connections to FTP servers in .NET simple.
Encryption .NET
Encrypt .NET hides the complexities of the .NET cryptography API.
Web Version Check .NET
Web Version Check .NET easily adds XML based version checking to your applications across the internet or an intranet.
COM Components
Button Bar ActiveX Control
Button Bar lets you build a modern user interface like those used in Microsoft Outlook or Visual Studio.
FTP ActiveX Control
Makes FTP connections made easy.
Flat Button ActiveX Control
Flat Button is a flexible button that operates in the style of todays popular applications.
Transparent Image ActiveX Control
Transparent Image lets you place a bitmaps, icons, jpegs, gifs and metafiles onto a window with a transparent background.
NewsTicker ActiveX Control
NewsTicker lets you keep people up to date with latest news in your web site or application.
Encryption ActiveX Control
Provides simple string encryption and decryption.
Tray Icon ActiveX Control
Tray Icon lets you easily place an icon for your application or web page in the system tray.
Web Color ActiveX Control
WebColor lets you access the system colors defined by a user and convert to / from HTML color codes.
Web Version Checker ActiveX Control
Web Version Checker easily adds version checking to your applications across the internet or an intranet.