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DevPower FTP ActiveX Control Version 2.0.2 (17-Dec-01)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2018 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

Version 2 is available in two versions - the standard "Lite" version that is free, and the "Full" version that costs $50 per developer and allows asynchronous transfers.

New features in Version 2.0

  • Completely redesigned programming interface, featuring events for connecton status, transfer status and server responses and replacing failure return codes with error raising.
  • Listings can be retrieved in XML - the control comes with an XSLT file as an example on how to transform this into HTML (see below for an example).
  • Asynchronous transfers - allows progress reporting and cancellation of transfers - full version only.
  • Greatly enhanced example program that demonstrates all the new features.
  • Internet Utilities class - methods to look up local host name / IP address, Ping and Internet connection properties.
  • Get / Put File allow files to be transferred to a different directory or filename.
  • Object-based directory listings, including sorting and filtering functionality.
  • Local directory listings can be retrieved.
  • Manual commands can be sent to the FTP Server with SendCommand.
  • Connection / Send / Receive Timeout properties.
  • Other utility functions: GetFileSize, GetFileHTTP (gets a file via HTTP), GetServerTimeDifference (retrieves the time difference (in minutes) between local and server).
Example output from the XML Listing / supplied XSLT:
XML listings transformed into HTML with the supplied XSLT