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DevPower FTP ActiveX Control Version 2.0.2 (17-Dec-01)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2019 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

DevPower FTP ActiveX Control

The FTP ActiveX Control makes connections to FTP servers simple and intuitive. The control allows you to easily connect to, list and transfer files between a PC and a FTP server from within applications or web pages.

"After struggling for a couple hours trying to do a simple FTP upload with the Microsoft Internet Transfer Control, I downloaded this excellent control and had my routines done in MINUTES!!!! This have saved me MANY HOURS of frustration."

Please note that licensing model is different with version 2 of the control. The standard version of the control continues to be free to use and distribute, but is restricted to synchronous transfers only (this operates in the same way as version 1.x). The full version of the control is available for only $50 per developer that allows asynchronous transfers in your programs that can then be distributed royalty free (e.g. the supplied compiled example program operates in asynchronous mode). Please see the DevPower Copyright Information for more details.

Microsoft has recently announced that the InternetSetOption API call that is used within the OptionConnectTimeout, OptionReceiveTimeout and OptionSendTimeout properties does not work as they originally stated, therefore these properties should not be used. See MS Knowledge Base Article Q176420 for more information.

The control was written using Visual Basic 6.0 (Service Pack 5), which requires certain runtime libraries to be installed. These libraries will be automatically installed by Internet Explorer or can be installed from the Download page.