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DevPower FTP.NET Version History

DevPower FTP.NET Version 1.2.0 (15-Oct-02)

  • New properties for connection details so do not have to specified each time Connect() is called.
  • Full version supports downloading to / uploading from Streams - i.e. perform file transfers without any local disk access, save in-memory data from XmlDocument or DataSet objects directly to your FTP server.
  • Full version includes FTP implementations for .Net pluggable-protocols.
  • Bug fix to stop exceptions during file listings where there is no file extension.

DevPower FTP.NET Version 1.1.1 (18-Feb-02)

  • Updated to allow connection time-outs.
  • Now inherits from Component so that the properties and events can be set with the Windows Forms designer when used in Visual Studio.
  • Now includes full VB Windows Forms example.

DevPower FTP.NET Version 1.1.0 (23-Jan-02)

  • Compiled with .NET final release

DevPower FTP.NET Version 1.0.0 (17-Dec-01)

  • Initial Release.