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DevPower FTP.NET Version 1.2.0 (15-Oct-02)

Copyright (c) 2001 - 2018 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.


The full version of the component comes with detailed documentation integrated with Visual Studio .NET including both C# and VB code examples- see purchase information for details.

Public Instance Constructors

public constructorFtp Constructor Initializes a new instance of the Ftp class, optionally connecting to a Ftp server.

Public Instance Properties

public propertyAdjustLocalFileTimes Gets or sets whether the times on downloaded files should be adjusted to match the file time on the server (Full Version Only).
public propertyAlwaysIncludeFolders Gets or sets whether listings that are filtered by setting the Wildcard property should always include folders.
public propertyBackgroundTransfer Gets or sets whether file transfers are performed in the background (Full Version only).
public propertyCD Gets or sets the current directory on the remote server.
public propertyConnectTimeOutMS Gets or sets a time out in milliseconds to use for connecting to a server - setting to 0 means 'no timeout' (Full Version Only).
public propertyInternalMessages Gets or sets whether the component should raise internal status messages as well as server response messages through the ServerResponse Event.
public propertyIsConnected Gets whether there is an active connection to a server (read only).
public propertyIsFullVersion Gets whether the component is activated to operate in full background transfer mode (read only).
public propertyLCD Gets or sets the default local directory for local files.
public propertyPassive Gets or sets whether the connection is passive.
public propertyPassword Gets or sets the password for the specified user.
public propertyPort Gets or sets the port number.
public propertyServer Gets or sets the server name.
public propertyTransferMode Gets or sets the transfer type to use for file transfers to and from a server.
public propertyUsername Gets or sets the user name to be used for the connection.
public propertyVersion Gets the component version number (read only).
public propertyWildcard Gets or sets the wildcard to filter directory listings with.

Public Instance Methods

public methodAbout Displays copyright and version information for the component.
public methodConnect Opens a Ftp session with a server.
public methodDelete Deletes a file from the server.
public methodDisconnect Closes an open Ftp session.
public methodFilterList Returns a filtered list collection containing only files or folders.
public methodGetFile Downloads a file from the server.
public methodGetFileHttp Downloads a file from a URL via HTTP.
public methodGetFileSize Returns the size of a file on the server.
public methodGetServerTimeDifference Returns the difference (in minutes) between the client and server.
public methodList Returns an array of ListItem objects representing a listing of a remote directory.
public methodListToXml Returns an XML representation of a folder listing.
public methodLocalList Returns an array of ListItem objects representing a listing of the current local directory.
public methodMkDir Creates a directory on the Ftp server.
public methodPutFile Uploads a file to the server.
public methodReconnect Re-opens a timed-out session.
public methodRename Renames a file on the server.
public methodRmDir Removes a directory from the server.
public methodSendCommand Sends a text command to the Ftp server.
public methodSortList Sorts a folder listing.

Public Instance Events

public eventConnectionState Raised when connection to the server is gained or lost.
public eventLocalDirectoryChanged Raised when local directory changes.
public eventRemoteDirectoryChanged Raised when remote directory changes.
public eventServerResponse Raises Ftp server response messages.
public eventTransferCancelling Raised when a file transfer is cancelling.
public eventTransferComplete Raised when a file transfer is completed.
public eventTransferProgress Raised to give progress of a file transfer (requires full version).
public eventTransferStarting Raised when a transfer is started.

Public Delegates

public delegateConnectionStateEventHandler The delegate for the ConnectionState event.
public delegateDirectoryChangedEventHandler The delegate for the LocalDirectoryChanged and RemoteDirectoryChanged events.
public delegateServerResponseEventHandler The delegate for the ServerResponse event.
public delegateTransferEventHandler The transfer base delegate, used for the TransferCancelling and TransferComplete events.
public delegateTransferProgressEventHandler The delegate for the TransferProgress event.
public delegateTransferStartingEventHandler The delegate for the TransferStarting event.

Public Enumerations

public enumerationConnectionStatus Represents the current connection state - passed in the ConnectionState event.
public enumerationListItemType Represents the type of a ListItem object.
public enumerationListSortOrder Represents the sort order to use for the SortList method.
public enumerationTransferType Represents the transfer type to use for file transfers.