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DevPower Button Bar ActiveX Control Version 2.0.1 (06-Aug-01)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2018 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

Version 2 is available to new customers for the same price of $99 or as an upgrade for existing registered users of version 1.x for $50.

New features in Version 2.0

The new Visual Studio style in Version 2 The new Outlook XP style in Version 2
  • New visual styles including Visual Studio and Outlook XP (see right). New Style property page allows preset colours and settings appropriate to a style to be applied to the control instantly.
  • Image Lists - the control allows you to use an external Visual Basic image list, the same way as the standard VB toolbar and listview controls. Also, images downloaded via URL are stored in an internal image list so they are only downloaded once.
  • Completely redesigned object oriented programming interface, modelled on standard Microsoft controls such as the ListView.
  • New properties and methods for headers and items.
  • Control state (i.e. header and item settings) can be extracted and re-applied with XML.
  • The user navigation history is now XML based.
  • Headers and items now have key and index properties. The Index property dictates the order in which objects are drawn, making the re-ordering of items simple.
  • Completely rewritten drawing routines have led to speed improvements - testing creation of 50 headers and 200 items showed that version 2.0.0 was 80% quicker than version 1.3.0 (see below).
Speed Improvements in Version 2