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DevPower Button Bar ActiveX Control Version 2.0.1 (06-Aug-01)

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2019 Steve Robbins All Rights Reserved.

DevPower Button Bar ActiveX Control

The Button Bar ActiveX Control lets you easily build a modern user interface like those used across the Microsoft Office suite. The control provides unique features such as enabling/disabling of specific items, the ability to allow users to navigate around items with the keyboard or Mouse Wheel, complete control over style and colors and a collection based object model.

Version 2.0.1 now available - including many new features such as support for image lists and XML, new visual styles and a redesigned object interface. More Information on New Features...

"Itching to borrow some ideas from the user interface of Microsoft Outlook? That Outlook bar sure is handy, as any Outlook user will tell you. Add a similar bar to your own applications with DEVPOWER BUTTONBAR ACTIVEX CONTROL."

The full version of the Button Bar costs $99 per developer ($50 upgrage for 1.x users - see registration details). Alternatively, the unregistered ("Lite") edition is free but limited to only displaying 6 items.

You are permitted to use the Button Bar ActiveX Control, provided you do not alter the .OCX file or take personal credit for the control.
Please see the DevPower Copyright Information for more details.

The control was written using Visual Basic 6.0 (Service Pack 5), which requires certain runtime libraries to be installed. These libraries will be automatically installed by Internet Explorer or can be installed from the Runtime Download page.