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DevPower Button Bar ActiveX Control Version History

Version 2.0.1 (06-Aug-01)

  • Bug Fix: Problem with Invisible headers in Contents property page fixed.

Version 2.0.1 (31-Jul-01)

  • Added HitTest function to get the Item at coordinates within a Header.
  • XML now saves and loads property values (i.e. colors, behaviour and font settings)
  • Bug Fix: Scrolling up and down with the scroll arrows was not possible in Office 2000 / XP views.
  • Bug Fix: Images from external ImageLists occasionally became corrupted.
  • Work Around: ImageList property page now has code to copy for setting imagelists at run-time. This gets around a bug in VB where the control cannot obtain a reference from VB to External ImageLists on a parent form at run time.

Version 2.0.0 (07-May-01)

  • New visual styles including Visual Studio and Outlook XP. New Style property page allows preset colours and settings appropriate to a style to be applied to the control instantly.
  • Image Lists - the control allows you to use an external Visual Basic image list, the same way as the standard VB toolbar and listview controls. Also, images downloaded via URL are stored in an internal image list so they are only downloaded once.
  • Completely redesigned object oriented programming interface, modelled on standard Microsoft controls such as the ListView.
  • New properties and methods for tabs and items.
  • Control state (i.e. tab and item settings) can be extracted and re-applied with XML.
  • The user navigation history is now XML based.
  • Tabs and items now have key and index properties. The Index property dictates the order in which objects are drawn, making the re-ordering of items simple.
  • Completely rewritten drawing routines have led to speed improvements - testing creation of 50 tabs and 200 items showed that version 2.0.0 iss 80% quicker than version 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 (05-Jul-00)

  • Support for OLE Drag added.
  • New methods for moving / swapping items around.
  • The control object interface has been improved - e.g. Tabs.Add and Items.Add now return a reference to the object created, Tags are now Variants and default properties have been introduced. Due to these changes, this version is project compatible with the previous version.

Version 1.2.0 (18-May-00)

  • Items can now contain other controls simply by setting the ChildWindow property of an item to a window handle.
  • Support added for Mouse Wheel events - scrolling items and between tabs can now be done by turning the AutoMouseWheel property on.

Version 1.1.5 (10-Nov-99)

  • Support added for OLE Drop onto Tabs and Items - working in the same way as native VB controls with the ability to chose whether drag and drop affects Tabs, Items or both Tabs and Items.
  • Minor fix for better performance within Access 2000.

Version 1.1.1 (07-Jul-99)

  • Minor update to correct problems with Item Picture URLs and version checking causing dial-up connections.

Version 1.1.0 (17-Jun-99)

  • This upgrade brings major performance improvements, minor bug fixes and many new features. Tab creation time has been reduced by 60% and Item creation time by 30%.
  • Tabs and Items can now be made visible / invisible at run time
  • Added properties to allow hyperlink style underlining and color changes as the mouse hovers over items.
  • Added properties to set Tab and Item Mouse Pointer / Icons.
  • Added DefaultMaskColor to make adding pictures with non-Gray mask colors easier.
  • Added Tag property to Tabs for storing custom information.
  • New Office / Windows 2000 view to mimick the new Microsoft File Dialogs look and feel (available in Registered version only).
  • Minor bug fixes remove problems with redrawing at design time and tooltips not displaying correctly.

Version 1.0.4 (18-Jan-99)

  • Added TrackNavigation / Navigation Object to allow tracking of user navigation. This can be used to create Back / Forward buttons as used in Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Added ability to set tooltips for tabs and items (previously tooltips were just the tab or item caption).
  • Improved support for environments that do not handle ActiveX controls as well as Visual Basic such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • First VB6 based version - compiled to be drop-in compatible with VB5 version.

Version 1.0.3 (22-Nov-98)

  • Added new methods to add items in specific positions - InsertItem and corresponding Tabs.Items.Insert().
  • Now allows picture assignment by (for example) ButtnBar.CurrentItemPicture = Picture1.Picture as well as the former Set ButtnBar.CurrentItemPicture = Picture1.Picture.
  • Minor fixes include improved appearance for 256-color displays and improved redrawing of items.
  • Added automatic version checking.

Version 1.0.2 (26-Oct-98)

  • Updated to include requested new methods - RemoveAllTabs / RemoveAllItems and new property - hWnd.

Version 1.0.1 (04-Oct-98)

  • Recompiled for increased speed.
  • Minor bug fix to ensure tabs / items are properly displayed when all tabs and items are removed and then re-inserted.

Version 1.0.0 (20-Sep-98)

  • Added a key feature missing from Microsoft's Outlook Bar - visual feedback of the control getting focus. This feature is enabled if TabStop is turned on in the design environment. Once the control has focus, users can navigate within it by using the keyboard.
  • Stopped the mouse tracking of items obscuring tabs.

Version 0.9.41 (11-Aug-98)

  • Further optimisations and improvements to memory usage and stability. Again, this release has a time restriction and will not function after September 1998.
  • Worked around VB5 bugs (knowledge base refs Q189156/Q184332) that caused the control to crash the host application when closing - this was happening with most development tools except Visual Basic.
  • New Smooth Scrolling feature for scrolling items and tabs the same way Outlook 98 does.
  • New TabHeight property (that returns the height of Tabs) for sizing of an Outlook style header bar.
  • Item Scroll Arrows now react to system settings for scrollbar size.
  • Fixed problems with properties not being saved correctly or being restored within a compiled appication.
  • Fixed problems that occured if more than one Button Bar was used on a form.

Version 0.9.20 (21-Jul-98)

  • Further Beta release that brings improvements and fixes to some common problems.
  • All aspects of the control have been optimised, including loading and setting of properties, redrawing, view chages, etc. - testing shows that most operations are around four times faster than the previous release.
  • Fixed problems with Property Pages hanging Visual Basic and not storing properties correctly.
  • Added property to set the Font used in the control.

Version 0.9.6 (01-Jul-98)

  • Fixed various bugs found in 0.9.5.
  • Added ability to change all the colors used within the control.
  • Added option to turn ToolTips off.

Version 0.9.5 (04-Jun-98)

  • The internal operations have been re-written to use Collections. This means that properties can be neatly referred to, for example
    ButtnBar.Tabs(1).Items(2).Caption = "New Caption"
  • New properties for the control include Background Color, Tags (strings for your own usage) for each Item.
  • A new MouseOver event is fired whenever the mouse moves over a tab or item.

Version 0.7.0 (22-Mar-98)

  • Items can now be set to move down with mouse clicks (button style).
  • Items can stay down when clicked (MS Project 98 style).
  • First Tab can be hidden if only one tab is being shown (MS Project 98 style).
  • Individual items can be enabled / disabled.
  • Allows zero tabs.

Version 0.6.0 (15-Mar-98)

Version 0.5.1 (05-Mar-98)

Version 0.2.7 (18-Feb-98)

  • First public beta release.