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DevPower Button Bar .NET Version History

DevPower Button Bar .NET Version 1.2.0 (02-Dec-02)

  • Office / Office XP visual styles.
  • Groups, Items and Scroll buttons can be drawn with the active theme under Windows XP™.
  • Gradient colors and fill styles can be set for Items and Groups.
  • Group and Item fonts can now be specified separately.
  • Includes support for Antialiasing text including ClearType™ under Windows XP™.
  • Includes support for RightToLeft layouts added.
  • Hover / Down Colors can be set for Group header buttons.
  • Text alignment and line wrapping can be customised.
  • Image alignment can be customised.
  • Scroll button colors can be customised.
  • Groups can now contain child controls (i.e. you can place any Windows Forms Control into a ButtonBar Group).
  • Item Image sizes are no longer fixed to 32x32 or 16x16, so any size icon can be used
  • Fix for Visual Studio scroll button being positioned incorrectly
  • Fix for dropped groups incorrectly setting selected group state.
  • Fix for clicking items causing drag to start when ItemsStayDown set to True.

DevPower Button Bar .NET Version 1.1.0 (26-Aug-02)

  • Visual Studio style.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Support added for Windows Forms Tooltips.
  • Xml serialisation now serialises the Group background image property.
  • Individual Group background colors can be set.
  • Group and Item objects implement the ICloneable interface.
  • Help integrated into Visual Studio Collection.
  • Updated example applications to demonstrate new features.
  • Fix to correct Outlook 98 Highlight Color.

DevPower Button Bar .NET Version 1.0.0 (13-Feb-02)

  • Updated to fix minor design time bug in Free version.

DevPower Button Bar .NET Version 1.0.0 (01-Feb-02)

  • Initial Release compiled with .NET final release.